Sharp, Level 6


Persona of Sarah and Penelope Curwin in the Dream Catcher world.

Culthwan(1) was seen only in Brillig. He was an amalgamated construction, created by two completely different dreamers, possibly as an attempt to distance themselves from the fantastic world in which they were entangled.

Culthwan(1) was quick and cold, always calculating the most easily exploited weakness of his enemies and always keeping in mind the potential uses of whatever objects he came across. Always focused on the next step, he was often the first to experiment with some new puzzle in Brillig. He was rarely interested in pausing for diplomacy.

His transition to the Void Castle integrated his two creators completely into the dream world, splitting Culthwan(1) into two representations more closely adapted to the real people they represented.

Culthwan(2) retained Culthwan(1)’s daring and added an eager curiosity. She adapted more easily to the symbiotic technology of the Void Castle than anyone else in the group, and was the first to dive out into space when the opportunity arose.

Culthwan(3) was perhaps less curious, but even more wildly adventurous, throwing herself into danger with reckless abandon whenever the opportunity arose. She was also more eager than either of the other Culthwans to attempt to communicate.


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